Original Art

Original art pieces are always available to purchase, patterns are designed each season based on the latest trend reports. If you would like to order artwork into seamless repeats, we are very flexible and can adapt to your personal preferences. Please contact us if you are looking for something specific or require our assistance in a certain colorway. Sophina Designs offers an archive of ready-made prints that are available to purchase licensed. 

Custom Print Design

We will be more than glad to assist you in customizing and co-designing your ideal print. Sophina Designs will work with you every step of the way to make your final custom print. Please send along inspiration images in an email for more information.

Limited Edition

Most of the specific designs are originally hand painted. If you are interested in purchasing them, please contact us and let us know whether you would prefer the print or the original work. Every single limited edition design is unique and distinctive in their own way.

Repeat Patterns & Artwork Clean Up

If you need a design that needs to be put into a repetitious pattern, a color way, or a final production, we can help. I will work with you and your specific guidelines to help create seamless repeats, coordinating patterns and more. We will personally provide you with ready-made illustrator files in addition to the final color ways. 

Commission Us

Sophina Designs is fully based on creative design ideas. Our vast experience in all types of projects is crucial to our brand, as it reflects our mission statement. Whether it is a design for a major retailer or working with a small startup company to develop their first collection, we are always here to help. If you are interested in commissioning ask for a full collection or even a single print please get in touch at [email protected]. Please include the quantity and style of the prints you would like, alongside your timeline and the type of printing method required (limited colors). We will also provide the color palette. Before commencement, we require a 50% deposit for all design projects. Along the way, you will be fully informed on the project progress with clear communication throughout.


All designs and artwork are copyrighted by Sophie Davari Designs and registered with Canada Copyright Office. All Rights Reserve Copyright Sophina Design 2017