About Sophina Design

“The most beautiful component in my world is fluidity and musical feelings. This is a banquet for my heart as nature is traveling along my imagination and passing a variety of scenes.” ~ Sophie Davari

Sophina Design is a Vancouver-based pattern design studio, led by accomplished pattern designer, Sophie Davari. Sophina designs patterns for various surfaces, ranging from fabrics through stationeries and cell phone covers to website backgrounds in various styles from impressionism through cubism to Art Noveau. Sophina’s uniqueness lies in its inspiring pattern designs and uplifting illustrations. Sophina’s modernly eclectic portfolio is a seamless blend of cast iron certainty with a hefty dosage of experimentation, multicultural traditions with modern trends, and hand-painted art with digital . Sophina’s main motif is paisley rooted in Persia, the home of all curvy lines.


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Our Top Services

  • Licensing
  • Custom designs
  • Preparing production ready files
  • Origional art into seamless repeats.
  • Colour Indexing
  • Trend Research & development of mood boards
  • Watercolour Painting
  • Pastel painting
  • Oil Painting

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All designs and artwork are copyrighted by Sophie Davari Designs and registered with Canada Copyright Office. All Rights Reserve Copyright Sophina Design 2017